The flexible people

The Signum of the Present

 Length: 82 minutes   Author: Herdolor Lorenz, Director: Leslie Franke

A feature film of the core film funded by the Germann Federal Filmboard FFA, distributed by Edition Salzgeber


More and more solid structures are breaking open. Life is becoming less secure and faster and faster. Under these conditions, it becomes a question of existence for flexible people to reflect on their own inner strengths.


"We must become competitive" is one of the central principles of the globalised world. All countries and also all companies and their employees have one goal: They want to be internationally competitive.

 This did not remain without consequences for the people. Anyone who wants to play a part in the job market and society today must be flexible and competitive. The times in which clear structures shaped work are increasingly passé. The boundaries between permanent employees and freelancers are becoming increasingly blurred. Fixed structures are breaking down. Everything is becoming less secure. A diploma and a job are no longer enough. Life requires everyone to prove themselves every day. You have to fight in order not to lose your job. You have to fight every day to achieve your professional goals, also to keep your family together. You have to work hard not to lose your beloved.

 Inner stability In times when external structures are dissolving more and more and the speed of life and work is increasing more and more, it becomes more and more important for each individual to build inner strength. If one has received security essentially through stable external structures, in times when this corset breaks away, each person must reflect on his or her own strengths.

 The film "The Flexible People" wants to show that in these times it is a question of wisdom to set off on a journey to find a suitable passion that leads to one's own inner strength. Whether in mindfulness training to increase emotional intelligence, to get to know one's own strengths and then also to recall one's full potential, whether a new awareness while eating or physical fitness training, everything ultimately amounts to the same thing:

 Physical and mental strength as the essential cornerstones for personal development and success. Not only the body, the whole person should develop further. Everyone has great potential and is responsible for working and developing. If you train your own body, you can also transfer this to other areas and achieve new goals in your job. One must always try to surpass oneself. This is the only way for flexible people to learn to believe in themselves.

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